Place your extra belongings in residential storage, and begin clearing out the clutter today. Fallon Moving & Storage, Inc. also has storage solutions in Avon for businesses as well. We work with you to personalize your storage services, which includes the length of time you will use our storage facility for. Long-term and short-term storage services in Avon are available to customers with boxes of items or those with just a couple.

Your Avon storage company can provide the following storage solutions to businesses and residents:

  • Residential Storage
    Place items you rarely use, but still have great importance, inside our monitored and secure storage facility.
  • Commercial Storage
    Stop your search for a storage company in Avon, Connecticut that can store commercial products - large or small. Fallon can do this for your company.
  • Warehousing
    Place your products in storage, complete with an online inventory management system to keep track of where your products are and how many you have left inside the warehouse.

Give Fallon Moving & Storage a call today to discuss the storage solutions in Avon that we can offer to you. Receive a free estimate when you submit a quote form on our website.