Looking for a place to keep some stuff while you move into a new home in New Haven? Or maybe your commercial business needs to store some things during a remodel? No matter what the reason for your storage needs, our New Haven storage warehouse has you covered.

Our secure storage facilities in New Haven feature both fire- and theft-protection systems. We also strive to make storing your items as easy as possible by picking up your items and delivering them to our warehouse so you don't have to.

Our storage options include:

  • Residential Storage Solutions
  • Commercial Storage Solutions
  • Moving and Storage

Residential New Haven Storage Services

It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to outgrow their space. Instead of getting rid of the stuff that’s taking up too much room in your home, consider storing it in our New Haven storage facilities.

We have tons of space for residential items of all kinds. Simply pack them up and we'll deliver them to our storage warehouse. They will be inventoried, palletized, and vaulted to ensure everything is properly protected.

Convenient Commercial Storage Solutions

Commercial storage can be especially challenging because the storage needs of businesses usually include more stuff than residential needs. Let us make it easy for you with our storage solutions. They include:

  • Storage vaults
  • Palletized storage
  • Open rack storage
  • Short- and long-term storage options

We also pick up your items after they have been packed and we can deliver them to your location when you’re ready to receive them in the future.

Add Storage to Your Moving Plan

Storage is especially useful when added to a moving plan. With help from Fallon Moving & Storage, you can get started packing early and keep all those boxes out of your house, or you can get settled into your new home before you have all those extra items delivered.

Learn How We Can Customize New Haven Storage Just for You

Our New Haven storage services are customized to meet your needs and your budget. To learn more about how we can customize a storage plan just for you, give us a call or fill out our form and we’ll provide you with a free estimate.