67% of Avon residents were affected by the doings of hurricane sandy. The city lost power for a few days due to the major storm this past month. Much of it was due to down power lines from falling trees. This was a common occurrence around the area. The issue was that a single power line could have been broken in almost one hundred places due to the amount of downed trees.

Avon Movers, Fallon Moving, have been working with local officials to help clear area that have been affected. We have also been working with families and smaller communities who need help moving debris from superstorm sandy. Avon Moving Companies from all over have been aiding those who have been put out by the storm.

If you are in need of assistance please contact local authorities for any necessary help. Avon Residential Mover, Fallon Moving, will continue to provide service to those in need, but will also be resuming regular services and office hours. If you would like to donate time or money to the hurricane sandy relief fund, please do so at www.RedCross.com. They will be able to direct you in the right direction for helping.

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