Farmington, Connecticut is about 10 miles west of Hartford and is a residential suburb in the Hartford Metropolitan area.  Farmington shares boundaries with other cities such as Avon, Burlington, Newington, West Hartford and Plainville.  Farmington is a historic town known for housing some incredible historical sites such as the Hill-Stead Museum, Miss Porter’s School, Farmington Historical Society, and the Stanley-Whitman House.  According to, “Farmington used to be called the “mother of towns” because its vast area was divided to produce nine other central Connecticut communities.”

Farmington is a mostly wooded community and has numerous ponds and lakes for fishing, boating, and relaxing.  Farmington is home to the Metacomet Trail, which is a hiking trail that has several rock walls for climbing.  According to the 2000 Consensus, there are 23,641 people and 6,333 families residing in the town of Farmington.  The medium income for families in Farmington is $67,073 to $85,396

Some of the places you should check out in Farmington, Connecticut include:


In addition to the places listed above, there is so much more to see and do when visiting Farmington, Connecticut.  Plan a trip to Farmington today and I’m sure you will ready to move to Farmington in no time!

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