When Jack Frost is nipping at your toes, the last thing you want to worry about is a move gone wrong. With these few simple tips and the help of an expert Connecticut moving company like Fallon Moving and Storage, you’ll make your winter move a smooth one.
  1. Dress wisely. Wear boots and gloves to keep you safe from mother-nature and any chance of slipping in wet shoes. Also, dress in layers. You can stay warm when outside, and if you get hot inside it’s easy to just take a layer off.
  2. Protect the floors. When you’re filling up the trucks and emptying your house you’ll be tracking a lot of slush and salt with you. Make sure you lay down some cardboard (and duct tape the cardboard if possible) to protect your floors from snow, sand, and water.
  3. Grab a shovel. Not only should you make sure that a pathway is cleared in and out of your place, but you should also keep a shovel and salt on hand so you and your Connecticut movers can move all your large furniture.
  4. Stay warm! Your new place may not have all the utilities you need to stay warm. Before you venture out into the cold, make sure that your new home has its heat set-up and functioning.
Taking note of these helpful tips and utilizing a moving company in Connecticut to do your heavy lifting will make your winter move a bright one.
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