long distance Hartford CT household moving with kids

Long distance moving is stressful on its own, and all of the supplementary chores that come with it make it all the more draining. This is especially true when kids are added to the equation because you not only have to emotionally help them through the transition, you have to set up their new lives. Like most children, their number one priority is getting good grades, so you want to ensure the first day at their new school is a smooth and comfortable transition. Here are a few tips to help make that happen:

Set Up All Utilities and Services 

The first step is activating utilities before move-in day. The last thing you’ll want is for your kids to oversleep on the first day, so make sure that alarm clock is powered up and ready to go by turning on your electricity. Also, make sure your water is turned on so your children can shower and brush their teeth. It won’t help their confidence if they’re driving away peers with poor hygiene. 

Leave Nothing Behind

There are many items in a child’s life that they look to for solace. That stuffed bear you gave them for their birthday, a lucky hat or a bracelet their friend gave them are all good examples. Your children may need these items to get through the transition, so ensure they arrive on move-in day. 

Practice the Morning Commute 

For children, moving to a new area is intimidating. To make them more comfortable with their routine, practice their walk to the bus stop or, if you drive them, the route to school. Getting them comfortable with the geography and landmarks will take a load off their minds. 

Get Social with the Neighborhood 

Getting your kids involved in sports, community groups and other activities will help them meet friends so they won’t be completely unknown before the first day. Remember how much you cared about your peers’ opinions? Your kids probably feel the same way, so get them involved with the neighborhood so they can easily meet friends.

Get Permission to Take a Tour of the School 

Having no idea where to go on the first day is nerve racking. To ease your children’s anxiety, get permission to take them on a tour of the school. Here you can help them find their classrooms and meet staff members so they go into day one fully prepared. 

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