white glove home delivery services in hartford

The successful and reliable delivery of your business’ goods to its valued customers is an essential part of your success, so why would you use anything but the very best services available? That’s where Fallon Moving & Storage comes in. We offer the premier White Glove B2C or B2B delivery services that your business needs—without breaking the bank.

So what are White Glove delivery services, exactly?

White Glove delivery services are the top-level choice for expert packing, transporting, delivery, unpacking and placement of all your most delicate, specialized, unique or valuable items that require more than a run-of-the-mill delivery or drop-off. In a nutshell, White Glove deliveries are performed by only the very best moving and storage personnel who give the utmost care and attention to all of your items.

We make sure that all of your products are safely and securely delivered to your customers on-time and in the same flawless condition they were packed in. No matter what your business’ specific needs, products or delivery requirements, the team at Fallon Moving & Storage is committed to finding the perfect White Glove delivery options to best serve your needs, customers and budget.

White glove delivery options include:

  • Customer-chosen delivery time
  • Full-service delivery
  • Placement of item in home (with one flight of stairs)
  • Unpacking, removing packaging and assembly when necessary
  • After reviewing item, customer will sign for purchase

Your business deserves only the very best. Call Fallon Moving & Storage today to learn more about how our comprehensive White Glove B2C or B2B delivery services can work for you!

You can speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable representatives today or fill out our quick online form to receive your FREE, no-obligation estimate today.

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