CT Movers

Connecticut moving companies are both numerous and varied. Each moving company promises something different, with some delivering on expectations and others not. When it’s time for you to search for the ideal CT residential moving company for you, it’s essential to compare and find the company that truly sets itself apart.

What are the essential areas you should consider when comparing moving companies?

Your Relocation Needs and Requirements

Since no two moves are alike, your move will entail specific needs and requirements of your moving company. Perhaps you only need moving boxes and supplies, or maybe you are in need of a full service, multi-day moving company to assist in a cross-country move. Whatever your needs, it’s essential to find a moving company that offers numerous customization and pricing options so that your move stays on budget while also remaining as stress-free as possible.

At Fallon Moving, we customize your move from the beginning. As a professional moving and storage company, we bundle both your moving and storage needs under one roof to simplify your move and provide assurance that your items will be protected.

Professional Packers and Moving Crews

A moving crew truly makes all the difference. While some are highly trained, other companies simply might not have resources or be able to deliver everything promised.

Fallon Moving crews are continually trained both when initially hired and routinely throughout the year. Crews are specifically trained for local, long distance, interstate, and international moves.

Moving Company Industry Affiliations, Ratings and Reviews

Industry affiliations and accreditations prove that the moving company selected routinely seeks to learn and provide you with a better moving experience. At Fallon Moving, our affiliations with AMSA and accreditations as a ProMover as well as an A+ with BBB only motivate us to do better. Because we seek to continually grow, we welcome reviews and ratings both on our site as well as off site.

As prime CT movers, Fallon Moving remains dedicated to simplifying your move while staying on a budget. Contact Fallon Moving today to learn more about what sets us apart and submit a free online quote