CT residential movers services

Moving during the harsh Connecticut winter can be a challenge. While working with qualified and experienced CT residential movers will definitely help, it’s also beneficial to rely on some tried and true moving tips that will make the process easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Plan Ahead – From choosing the right residential moving company to developing a plan for moving day, planning ahead is essential for winter moves to be completed successfully. By planning ahead for children, pets, help needed, etc., you can be better prepared and experience less stress both before and on moving day.

Determine Moving Services – While some may only need moving supplies and others are interested in a full moving crew, it helps to determine needs early so that you can quickly secure the resources you may need and ensure that the movers you choose to work with can meet all of your needs.

Create Contingency Plans – What is the plan if the weather suddenly changes? Are you wanting the move to be completed during daylight hours? Creating a contingency plan and planning for different variables can make all the difference in a successful move. By planning ahead, researching weather, and having a Plan B just in case, both the household movers and your family can be better prepared and ready for anything.

As a Connecticut residential moving company, Fallon Moving & Storage knows the ins and outs of moving and what it takes to truly make it a success. To learn more about our Connecticut moving company and discuss your relocation needs, submit a free quote request online or give us a quick call to begin speaking to one of our experienced Move Coordinators. 

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