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Ask any moving professional what the busiest time of year is for families to relocate and they will tell you it’s summer. Because of the busy moving schedule for many CT moving companies over the summer, plus the added stress of the summer heat, you’ll need to spend a bit more time thinking through logistics and how to keep cool.

Household Moving and Planning Tips for Your Family

Here are six summer moving tips to help your big household move go smoothly.

1 – Plan Ahead
Summer is the prime time for moving and quality interstate moving companies get booked far in advance. Because summer is the busiest time for relocation, planning ahead is a must to secure your desired moving company and relocation timeline. Start considering CT interstate movers at least eight weeks in advance to ensure you leave yourself plenty of time to find the best mover and the best rate for your relocation.

2 – Do Thorough Research
Don’t make the mistake of researching only one or two CT moving companies. Make sure you take the time to get quotes from three or four companies to ensure you are getting the best price. Also make sure you are looking are looking a moving company’s reviews to get an accurate picture of their quality of service.

3 – Move On The Least Busy Day
If your moving schedule is flexible, select the least busy days for your big move. Weekends and the first and last of each month are typically the busiest day of the month. Memorial Day and the last weekend of July are especially busy. Choosing a weekday will usually not only be less busy but also result in a lower price estimate from your CT moving company.

4 – Move In The Morning
In the heat of the summer, it’s smart to schedule your CT movers for early in the morning before the heat of the mid-day sun sets in. If your moving company is unable to start early on your chosen date, consider scheduling your move for a different day if possible.

5 – Protect Yourself From The Sun
It’s important when you are in and out of the sun all day that you protect from dangerous UV rays. Make sure you dress appropriately in light-weight, breathable clothing. Also, make sure to apply plenty of sunscreen to avoid a sunburn!

6 – Be Aware Of Overheating SymptomsExposure to high temperatures can be dangerous. If the weather is hot, it’s important that you be on the lookout for any signs of overheating with you or your family members. Symptoms of heat-related illnesses including headache, nausea, dizziness, weakness, fainting, muscle cramps, and general confusion.

Connecticut Moving Experts Make Your Summer Move Stress Free

Choosing the right CT mover to help you relocate to your new home is key to eliminating the stress and hassles of summer moving. The experts at Fallon Moving have helped thousands of satisfied customers with all of their moving and storage throughout the Connecticut and the continental United States.

With decades of combined experience, our professionally-trained moving crews have the skills and expertise to deliver a seamless move that will exceed your expectations.

Get started on your moving plans today. To learn more about our comprehensive summer moving services, contact us today. Give us a call or complete the online request form for a free, no-obligation price quote.

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