Are you planning a garage sale to unload unwanted stuff before your local move in Connecticut? A moving sale is a great way to declutter and save money hiring local movers—but if it isn’t planned well, it can just add more stress to your already-heavy load. Make sure your moving sale goes off without a hitch by following the tips below!

Tips for a Successful Pre-Move Garage Sale

Before Your Moving Sale

  • Advertise well before the day of the garage sale. Consider talking with friends, posting on social media, and purchasing classifieds in your local paper.
  • Gather all the supplies you might need during the moving sale: extra pens, paper, price tags/stickers, hangers, chairs, and so on.
  • Start sorting through your household goods as early as possible. If you can, set aside half an hour each day and go through your home room by room. The earlier and more methodical you can be, the better!

During Your Moving Sale

  • Display all prices clearly, and set everything out in an organized fashion. It shouldn’t be difficult for shoppers to browse.
  • Feel free to set up and start the moving sale earlier than advertised. The most eager visitors tend to show up early.
  • Keep all cash in a secure box or money belt. If possible, have a friend or neighbor help by watching the “cash register” at all times.

After Your Moving Sale

  • Gather all remaining items and decide what to do with them. A few good options include donating, pitching/recycling, and storing. CT storage works well for items that you want to keep or that you’ll eventually get rid of but can’t deal with immediately.
  • Take down any signs you posted, and thank anyone who helped. A small gesture like food or drink is always appreciated.
  • Deposit your earnings, and then get to work on the next step of your local move!

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Even here within Connecticut, moving can be stressful. Rather than handle it alone, contact Fallon Moving & Storage for professional help! We’d be happy to store any items left over from your moving sale, and we can seamlessly complement that storage with expert local movers if you require. Start building your custom CT storage and moving plan by calling or completing our online form now!

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