Relocating to a new home is a stressful time, especially if you’re moving with children. While you have to take care of numerous tasks such as packing, working with a moving company, transferring utilities, medical records, and school records, you top priority is most likely to make the transition as easy as possible for the youngest members of your family.

In order to make the family moving process a positive experience, we’ve put together some tips for making a move easier with kids—before, during, and after your relocation.

Before the Move

Since relocation preparations typically start several months before moving day arrives, it’s important to include your children in the planning, packing, and preparation processes as much as possible in order to help ease their fears and make the transition as smooth as possible.

  • Help Them Sort Their Belongings: Moving is the perfect time to declutter! Help you children decide which items can be donated or possibly sold at a garage sale. If you decide to host a garage sale, younger kids can make posters beforehand, and older children can price items or collect money during the sale.
  • Let Them Assist with Packing: Once all of their belongings are sorted, the packing process can begin. Children of all ages can help with packing—from boxing up books, toys, and linens to simply decorating the moving boxes.
  • Create a “Stay in Touch” Book: One of the biggest worries for children before a move is losing touch with their friends. Help them collect phone numbers, mailing addresses, and email addresses, and then organize them in a small notebook or journal to make it easier for them to stay in touch after the move.
  • Assign Each Child a Moving Day Job: While it’s probably best to hire a sitter or ask a family member to take care of younger kids, older children can help with cleaning, carrying small boxes, or even taking care of the family pet.
  • Make Time to Say Goodbye to Your Home: Walk through your home and give your kids time to say goodbye to their old rooms, take photos, or talk about their favorite memories. You can also take a memento such as a stepping stone from the yard, a leaf from a favorite climbing tree, or the door frame where you’ve marked their height over the years.

On Moving Day

Moving day will likely be chaotic, but you can make it exciting by planning activities to keep your kids busy during the trip to your new home.

  • Prepare “Road Trip” Bags: Pack your kids’ favorite snacks and books, as well as a pillow, blanket, and special toy into bags that will be easily accessible during the drive. Don’t forget to charge electronic devices beforehand and bring car chargers if you’re traveling a long distance.
  • Plan to Take a Break: Even the most patient children will get antsy after a few hours in a car. Plan a place to stop for a break along the way at a special restaurant, park, or museum.

After the Move

Once you’ve arrived at your new home, it’s time to settle into new schools, meet new friends, and get to know the neighborhood.

  • Unpack a Surprise: You can make the unpacking process more exciting by sneaking a new outfit for school or a new toy into their boxes.
  • Have Fun with the Moving Boxes: Once everything is unpacked, use the old packing boxes to make a fort, create play costumes, or turn them into a giant canvas for artwork.
  • Help with the Transition to a New School: Before the first day, introduce them to their new school by taking a tour or visiting the school’s website. Talk to your children’s new teachers to find out what curriculum is used and if tutoring is available to help them catch up with the class, if needed. Plan something special to celebrate the first day of school, such as preparing their favorite breakfast.
  • Work on Meeting New Friends: While your children will meet many new kids at school, your neighborhood, local park, and the library are great places to find new friends. Talk to your child about the skills they might need to make new friends, such as remembering to ask a friend’s name and playing nicely.

At Fallon Moving & Storage, our entire team strives to make relocations as smooth as possible, especially when you’re moving with children. We’re happy to create a comprehensive moving plan that is tailored to your family’s unique needs—as well as your budget. Give us a call or fill out our quick online quote form to schedule your free consultation and in-home moving estimate today!

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