a man and woman unpacking after a move

Your Hartford long distance movers have just left. Now, what do you do? While many people focus on planning all of their time leading up to the move, most forget to schedule the time that follows. Before you have to get started with work or school, you should take the time to do a few things so that you can get settled into your new Connecticut home.

Start Unpacking

If you decided to unpack your items on your own, you might be tempted to avoid the mountain of boxes while we recover from your long days of travel, but it’s best to get this handled right away. Either the day of or the day following, you should allot a decent chunk of time to unpacking all of your items and discarding the packing materials. 

Organize Your Home

Instead of getting overwhelmed by all of the things you’ve just unpacked, you should start cleaning and organizing. Even though the home is new to you, it still could have dust, pests, or grime that has collected during the time that it stood empty. For that reason, you should carefully clean everything while you start putting all of your belongings into their new space. You should also use this time to explore all of the storage options that you have in your house.

Change Your Postal Address

Even though no one wants to worry about all of the formal paperwork that comes with a long distance move, you need to prioritize this step. You should visit your post office to register your change of address so that you can continue to receive all of your important mail. You should also update your change of address with your bank, utility companies, the IRS, and any other important institutions.

Familiarize Yourself with Your Hartford

Once you take care of all of the hard work, you can finally get to the fun part of your move—exploring! After you’ve moved a long distance, you’ll want to give yourself a few days to acclimate to the city. Not only will you want to learn the location of your Hartford, CT schools and workplace, but you’ll also want to scope out your new favorite places to shop for groceries or order takeout. These few days are also a great time to relax and unwind after being stressed throughout your long distance relocation.

If you haven’t yet moved to your new home, you should get in contact with Fallon Moving & Storage right away. You can call to find out about our CT movers and household storage. To request your free, no-obligation moving cost estimate, we encourage you to take a moment to submit our simple online form.

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