Are you moving soon but already feel completely lost when it comes to packing? Fallon Moving & Storage understands the pain of trying to remain organized during a big move. Our expert CT movers have years of experience dealing with packing, labeling, and tracking customers belongings over long distances. However, the process it still a challenge.

You might be wondering how the average homeowner can manage the DIY packing process alone? It's possible. Just remember, organization and careful planning should be your focus when getting everything packed up.

Color Coding is the Key to Organization

One of the best ways to stay organized during your move is through proper packing techniques. Homeowners who are packing their own moving boxes for the CT movers will have plenty of time to make sure each is correctly labeled. Fallon Moving suggests using different colored packing labels for each room of the house. This makes it easy for our movers to see at a glance where boxes go inside the new home.

  • Properly labeling your moving boxes is simple. All you need to do is:
  • Create a basic map of the new home. It can be hand drawn or printed from the home plans.
  • Assign a different color to each room to make it easier for your packing process.
  • Purchase box labels in all the different colors you've selected.
  • Color in each room of the house plans with marker or affix the correct label to each room.
  • Use the correctly colored labels on each moving box when packing up different rooms.

Don't Forget to Fill in the Labels!

It's not enough to just put colored labels on the outsides of your boxes. You'll also need to fill in each with helpful information about the contents. Labeling is as simple as writing, "Fragile: Ceramic Plates" on the outside. In the future, when you are looking for plates to eat off during those first few nights in a new home, you'll be glad you completed this step.

Inventory Your Boxes

Some people also like to take things a step further by inventorying their moving boxes as they pack. Creating an inventory list ensures that the CT movers don't miss any boxes and allows you to double-check that everything has successfully been moved.

Creating an inventory list isn't difficult. Just keep a clean sheet of paper with you when packing. The first box that gets packed receives the designation, "#1," on the sheet and on the label.

For instance, you might label your first packed box as, "#1: Fragile: Ceramic Plates." As you continue packing, make new designations below the first, second, third, and so on.

If you are still concerned about remaining organized during that residential move, reach out to Fallon Moving & Storage for guidance from our CT movers. Just give us a call or fill out our online contact form to speak with a friendly representative. We'll be happy to answer your questions or arrange a free home consultation with price estimate right away.

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