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Hiring a CT moving company to pack up and move your household can be a wonderful experience. You get the benefits of swift and proper packing without the stress of trying to DIY it. Many companies offer full packing and unpacking services, including Fallon Moving & Storage. So, plenty of choices are out there.

Just remember, no matter who you hire for the job the process of packing a household is usually the same. Let's take a look at what happens before and during the packing appointment.

What to Do Before the CT Movers Arrive for a Packing Appointment?

Packers are trained to pack up everything as they see in the household. They won't spend a lot of time trying to determine if something is meant to stay, is garbage, or is to pack. They will usually pack it all.

Before the residential movers arrive for your appointment, take time to clean up or throw out unwanted papers, garbage, and other items. You should also empty the washer and dryer, fridge, or other appliances.

Also, our packers try their best to label each box with the name of the room it was packed in. If you want us to write down people's names on boxes packed in bedrooms, consider taping a small sign to each person's door. Let us know to use the names on our labels, too.

What else do you need to do?

You will have to be present during the appointment, so make plans to spend the day with us.

It's wise to make plans for the kids and pets to stay elsewhere during the packing appointment. Our team moves quickly and requires freedom to focus on their task. We also use a lot of tape, plastic materials, and cutting tools that may be harmful if played with by children or animals.

What Will Happen During the Packing Appointment?

Our packers will take a few minutes to speak with you about any concerns, such as packing fragile items, or leaving the appliances behind. We'll also do a walkthrough with you to get a layout of the house and see what needs to be packed.

During the appointment, we'll work fast to get items packed. It may seem dizzying to watch, but our CT movers are trained to safely pack items without damage.

You may also see us packing items from two rooms in the same box. This usually happens when one room is nearly emptied and there are no more appropriate items to fit in the box. Our packers will go to another nearby room to pick up a few more items to completely fill the box before sealing it.

At the end of the appointment, we'll do one more walk-through with you to make sure everything has been packed. This includes opening cabinets and closets to confirm they are empty. It will be your responsibility to complete this walk-through with the packers before releasing them for the day.

Have you seen enough about our residential movers and packers?

Make your move smooth and easy by giving Fallon Moving & Storage a call or filling out our contact form. Our CT moving company will help arrange a complimentary consultation to discuss our services with an expert. You can also ask about a free, no-obligation quote for household packing and moving today.

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