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There is so much to keep track of during your move, that you may not even consider the necessities of spending those first few days in a new home. Living in a new space is a little bit like camping, even when your boxes and furniture show up, most of your belongings are still packed. You'll need to make do with what you can find until everything is in its proper place. Or, do you?

As a professional residential mover serving the Hartford, CT area, Fallon Moving suggests packing an "open first" box. Filled with all of the items needed for a short stay, you'll bring this box along with you in the car to use after your move is finished.

Packing that "Open First" Box

We understand that you have a lot on your mind and a lot of to-do lists to complete. So, Fallon Moving has put together a few moving tips to make packing your open first box a little bit easier. Here's how to pack that box for your family's first few days after the move.

  • Prepare Your Box: Pick out an appropriately sized box for every member of the family. Label it with the family member's name and the words "Open First."
  • Start Packing it Early: This box will be one that you continually place items in and pull items from as you get closer to moving day. Naturally, you'll have a hard time deciding what is an essential and you'll probably have to keep using those essentials until the last day in your old home.
  • Pack Your Daily Essentials: These items vary for everyone, but will include things from the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Think about your toothbrush, soap, blankets, pillows, coffee and mugs, and any medicine you take.
  • Keep it Close: The open first box should be in a highly visible spot while you are still preparing for that move, and then in your family vehicle on moving day. Don't leave it where our CT movers may mistake the box for one that goes on the truck.

Of course, moving is a lot easier when you have the assistance of a local moving company to do the lifting and toting. We also offer packing, furniture assembly, and storage solutions for residential clients. If you are in need of some extra help, give Fallon Moving a call or fill out our online contact form today. We'll be happy to arrange a complimentary consultation and moving quote by one of our experts.

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