I cannot say enough about this moving company

I cannot say enough about how well this company functions on every single level. What had started out as an easy, straightforward move from Ct to NYC, quickly turned into a logistical nightmare. I found out a only a few days before the scheduled move that my apartment was not going to be ready. Jessica hopped right in to help me change my move to putting my furniture in storage. Since I was storing instead of moving directly, I decided to get rid of a quite a bit of stuff and Skip altered the estimated cost of moving to and moving to NYC entirely via email! Juan, Leroy and Eric moved my stuff into storage quickly, efficiently and were helpful and pleasant. 3 weeks later, Leroy, Jose and Jonathan parked on a very crowded Manhattan street, negotiated the delivery entrance and tiny elevator and carefully, quickly and with good humor loaded my stuff into the apartment. There was not one thing broken, scratched or dented. Everyone I came in contact with from Fallon went above and beyond to help me. This company, and their employees, are amazingly good at their jobs!